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1. I downloaded Omnimo 4 but I don't know what to do next.
First of all, don't panic! Download Rainmeter 2.1 from, install Rainmeter, and after that you can install Omnimo 4 by doubleclicking the rmskin file. Alternatively you can install the standalone version.

2. How do I add/remove panels from my desktop?
Click the + button on the desktop and click on the panel you want to add. Click the arrow button near the Gallery text to see the next pages of the gallery items. Middle clicking closes any panel or item.

3. How to change color skins?
Open the color gallery by clicking the paint brush icon which appears under the Arrow when you hover it. You can change many aspects of the skins from this window.

4. How to close stuff manually?
Almost all configs in Omnimo can be closed by middle clicking. You can close stuff manually by right clicking it and selecting close skin too. Additionally if you need to close things like the background, right click the rainmeter tray icon, select your config from the menu and click close skin.

5. How to open stuff manually?
Right click either the tray icon or any skin on the desktop, select Configs, WP7 and further folders and then open the skin. You can find many new things there that are not in the galleries too :)

6. Omnimo overwrote my theme which took me hours to set up
No worries, go to RainThemes, and load Rainstaller backup.

7. I made a nice desktop layout and I don't want to lose it.
You can save Rainmeter themes by right clicking the tray icon, themes, manage themes and save your theme.

8. How to get my city weather code?
Usually, the weather code is parsed automatically, but if you need it do this:
1. Go to Search your city.
2. You'll see something like this in your address bar:
The highlighted part is your weather code.
Click the settings icon which appears on the top right of the panel on mouseover, and in the settings paste the weather code, click set, change the unit if you need, and click set again. Then close the settings box and the panel should refresh automatically. If it didn't, right click it and select refresh skin.

9. My mail isn't working
You can use only Gmail with Rainmeter right now. If Gmail doesn't work means you typed something incorrect, check it and refresh the panel, wait up to 10 seconds for it to gather information. Same thing applies for all panels which require login. Due to a bug in rainmeter, passwords with odd symbols may not work. See the list of forbidden characters here. Also just in case, make sure you didnt write in the user field... Oh and it may not work in Germany.

10. I closed the +/arrow button and I cant access the gallery any more.
Right click any Omnimo item on your desktop, go to WP7 and select galleryarrow or galleryplus. You can access all configs from that menu.

11. Omnimo is slow for me
You need to update to Rainmeter 2.1 - it's a significant improvement in performance. You should also use less interactive panels such as system monitoring and web parser modules. Omnimo was created and optimized entirely on a laptop with a 1.1GHz processor; if you don't use too many heavy panels, Omnimo should run very well even on older systems.

12. Why is my Installed Panels gallery empty?
You need to download some items from

13. The website is down, where can I download addons?
Oh great, again? Visit Omnimo Addons. The real question, however, if it's down, how are you here?

14. My clock is in military time, how to change it?
Most clock items either provide a Variant or can be changed in the settings by typing a different format.

15. Weather forecast is in Celsius, how to change it to Fahrenheit?
Right click it and select Weather4daysfarenheit.ini. In weather TextItem click the arrow near the C

16. I'm worried about the security of my password
Normal users have nothing to worry about, Rainmeter uses atom feed authentication from Google to parse new emails as well as other services. Your passwords are secured by the configuration applet. However be advised that it's not recommended if your computer is used by anyone other than you

17. My antivirus detects there might be a Trojan in this suite.
Again, not to worry! This is a false positive triggered by the UPX compression used in our configuration utilities. In Omnimo 4 we reduced the amount of UPX compressed files to just 1. Please let us know which antivirus detects it so we can contact them and notify about the false positive detection.

18. What's the secunotes/seculock password and can I change it?
7942, and no. SecuLock is not very secure as the title suggests either...

19. I contributed to Omnimo (helping/donations etc) but I haven't recieved my complimentary panel pack.
Send us an email at omnimosupport[at]

20. I broke the configuration window somehow, how can I configure stuff now?
Try not to break things so much. Also open the skin's folder and edit with notepad then.

21. I found a bug in Omnimo/Translation.
We continuously try to perfect our product, however only 2 people can't make sure everything is flawless in a project this big. So please email a bug report to us at omnimosupport[at]

22. How to change languages manually?
Navigate to your documents folder, then: RainmeterSkinsWP7CommonVariablesLanguages; you'll see a bunch of text files and shortcuts, double click the shortcut to change the language. You can also edit a language file in notepad and ad your improvements. If you made any improvements to a language, send us an email to the address mentioned above.

23. The resize slider is stuck under my panel, how to get rid of it?
It happens when you try to resize a panel, but then don't actually resize it. You can close it by clicking the number on the left of the resize slider.

24. I tried to install a add-on, but it failed saying it was unable to make a backup
This may be a bug in Rainmeter 2.1 Beta, here's a workaround: Open AddonName.rmskin in 7zip,
Go to OmnimoSkins, extract and copy the WP7 folder to DocumentsRainmeterSkins (manually make backup of old one). After that the addons should appear in installed panels gallery.

25. Why aren't the twitter panels working?
Currently all twitter items are deliberately disabled. They will be updated once Twiter.dll plugin has been released for Rainmeter.

26. I downloaded an Add-on and I can't seem to find the rmskin file in the ZIP/can't install.
Chances are you downloaded it using Internet Explorer 9, which has a bug that changes any rmskin file to zip. All addons come in rmskin by default, so either change the filename or use a different browser to download the addons.

27. My panels are all blue, how do I make them colored individually?
Click the palette icon under the gallery arrow, that will open the style gallery. Then on the bottom click on Individual Panel Color. You can customize stuff from there. For more info consult the Customization Guide.

28. All of my desktop icons are hidden, even after deleting Omnimo, how to get them back?
Don't worry. If you have Omnimo installed, click on the Rainmeter tray icon. If not, right click your desktop, under View, select Show Desktop icons. If the icons didn't show, right click it again, and again select Show Desktop Icons, then it will show them (bug in windows).

29. Can I use Omnimo alongside other Rainmeter skins?
Yes! You can use any part of the Omnimo along with other multiple suites, there is no limit on that.

30. Some panels do not snap accordingly, how can I align them?
You can hold the SHIFT key while dragging the panels to fine-position them. This tip along with many others can be found in the Omnimo Tips panel (recommended to read).

31. I accidentally set a PanelConfig to be Click Through, now I can't access it.
Press and hold the CTRL button and right click the skin, then uncheck that option (thx brunovdbh)

32. My userpicture doesn't show
Go to control panel, accounts and set your userpicture again

33. The Windows 8 shortcuts don't work
You need to configure the locations for apps first. Each shortcut module has a settings icon where you can change the icon, location and action.

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cesartuxver Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Excelente aplicación, Muy buenos sus ingenieros y diseñadores.
2 cosas:
1) Espero pronto puedan disponer de piel para Outlook
ya que solo dispone Gmail.
2) La Piel de Facebook no funciona, intento pegar la dirección RSS y no funciona la opcion establecer.
Saludos Cordiales desde MEXICO.
fediaFedia Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
26. I downloaded an Add-on and I can't seem to find the rmskin file in the ZIP/can't install.
Chances are you downloaded it using Internet Explorer 9, which has a bug that changes any rmskin file to zip. All addons come in rmskin by default, so either change the filename or use a different browser to download the addons.

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